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Binscarth Colony Farm, named after a farm in Orkney, was situated on S.E. 1/4 35-19-28. It was established in 1882 by G.L. Smellie. It was also known as the "Binscarth Farm" or "Binscarth Farm".

Land was purchased in 1881 by the Scottish Ontario Manitoba Land Company. This colony farm was established to encourage settlers to come to the prairies. In 1886 the Manitoba North Western Company railway, on its was west, came through this area.

When the railroad came through some of the buildings from the Binscarth Colony Farm were moved to the present Binscarth site due to the fact that the railroad did not follow the original proposed route. As there could not be two post offices with the name Binscarth, it was decided that the main settlement would move to the present location.

Because of this, the Colony Farm was moved south to Binscarth's present location. The presbyterian Manse, shown at right was built in 1883, and was moved to it's current location in Binscarth in 1886.

This is the original building, with modern renovations done in 1996-98.

Binscarth Colony Farm continued to operate as a farm until it was disbanded in 1891.

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